CPWSA is known in the industry as a distributor of some of the highest quality products for competition, and tactical shooters.  Now CPWSA has added SBE Precision Products Remington 870 Tactical, and Sport/Tac 12ga. followers as well as Glock 17, and 19 SS Guide Rods to their online store.  If you are an AR shooter, especially one living in California then our BB/Takedown tool is a must have.  Check out our products on the CPWSA website.


For years AI&P tactical has been know for building some of the best Remington 870 based fighting shotguns available.  Now they have added an online store featuring a variety of shotgun, and rifle parts, and accessories,  including their own line of tactical slings.  Lets face it, what we are really excited about is that SBE Precision Products followers are included in their product line.  AI&P has been using the SBE Precision Remington 870 Tactical Follower in all their 12ga, and 20ga, builds for some time now, but have had no real way to sell them individually to the public, until now.

” I always maintained that the only purpose of the follower was to keep the spring from coming into the receiver after the last shot was fired.  However, when Steve of SBE sent me some samples of his Follower I tried them.   I noticed nothing when shooting but when loading I noticed the shells went in smoother and there was no drag on the follower.  So even a dumb Jarhead like me figured out that if the shells go into the tube smoother then they come out smoother.   I now use SBE followers.”

J.D. McGuire, Owner AI&P Tactical

You can find SBE Precision Products followers, and a host of other products at: http://www.tacticalgunsling.com



The follower is a part in a gun or firearm magazine which pushes the cartridges or rounds along, and “follows” them while doing so. It may push the ammunition upward, downward, backward, or forward.

Followers are most often made of metal or plastic, and are moved along their way by spring tension.

Whether a magazine is tubular or box-style, detachable or built-in, the follower is always the part of the magazine which moves the ammunition towards the gun’s breech so it will be ready to be loaded into the chamber when the time comes.

Clips do not have followers; ammunition does not move inside a clip except when it is pushed out of a stripper clip and into a magazine, usually by a shooter’s thumb.