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Ensure you are familiar with the proper disassembly, and assembly procedure for your firearm before using this product.
Always ensure chamber, and bore are free of excess lubricant before firing.

Proper lubrication is essential for maximum reliability and longevity of any firearm.
By purchasing, and using this product you are helping to ensure that your firearm will provide reliable service for years to come.



The M14/M1A bolt Roller Grease Kit Contains everything needed to properly lubricate all critical sliding, and rolling surfaces in the M14/M1A rifle system.

Unlike many new firearm designs, the M14/M1A rifles require grease for proper lubrication.

Delivering grease to all working parts of the rifle has always been a challenge.

Kit Contents:
Fig. 1 1. 5 ml syringe

2. Bolt Roller Grease Attachment (BRGA)

3. Grease needle

4. Syringe cap


Before using the grease tool the syringe needs to be filled with a full bodied grease capable of withstanding the harsh conditions encountered in a firearm.

The Military standard grease for M14 lubrication is Lubriplate 130-A, however any high temperature wheel bearing grease will work as well.

1. Remove protective cap from syringe (Twist Counterclockwise).

2. Remove plunger from syringe.

3. Fill syringe with grease.

4. Replace plunger, and press plunger until a small amount of grease is expelled from the syringe tip.


General Lubrication:
For general lubrication of all sliding or pivoting contact areas of the rifle:

1. Install grease needle (3) onto syringe.

2. Apply grease to areas indicated by manufacturer

3. Wipe off excess grease from firearm, and Syringe.


Bolt Roller Lubrication:
1. Ensure firearm is unloaded.

2. Disassemble firearm, and remove bolt per manufacturer’s instructions

3. Press Bolt Roller Grease Attachment on to bolt roller (Fig 2.)

Fig. 2 4. Install syringe onto BRGA (Fig. 3)

Fig. 3 5.

Apply pressure to syringe plunger while using fingers to prevent tool from dislodging from bolt roller.

(Fig. 4) Fig. 4 6.

Dispense grease to lubricate the bolt roller.

7. Remove grease tool from bolt roller using slight rocking motion. (Fig. 5)

Fig. 5 8. Wipe off excess grease from bolt.

Note: Grease should be visible flowing from the back of the bolt roller.

Continue greasing until clean grease is seen flowing from bolt roller.


This product is sold “as is” and without any warranty.
No liability is expressed or implied for Damage or injury, which may result from the improper installation or use of this product.

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